Growing a national tequila brand on social media

Social Media, PPC, Digital PR


Social Media, PPC, Digital PR


Rock N Roll Tequila



Building a passionate social media following for Rock N Roll Tequila

The call to adventure

When Rock N Roll Tequila needed to revamp and recharge their social media accounts, they knew they needed an agency that specialized in social media content.

Led by legends of the alcohol industry (plus a few notable legends of the gridiron - Bob Stoops and Dan Marino, specifically), this is a team that takes winning in all aspects very seriously.

Their marketing was no exception. It was time to stack some wins at Rock N Roll Tequila.

A social media plan and overall marketing strategy

When we first heard from the Rock N Roll leadership team, social media posts weren’t performing as well as they could, and the constant creative buckets that needed filling were running dry.

After a 60-minute phone call where we learned about the business and its needs from a marketing partner, we got to work on a presentation and proposal that we knew would turn up their digital presence.

The meeting

Speaking to Rock N Roll’s board, it became clear that our two companies were a perfect fit. We proposed a social media plan with custom photography and videography, showcasing events and stores carrying Rock N Roll while focusing imagery on the brand’s signature guitar-shaped bottle. We signed a 6-month contract to test the waters.

Huge growth on social media

In short, our social media campaign blew up, and it blew up quickly. An overwhelming amount of positivity flooded Rock N Roll Tequila’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels. Our existing followers loved the new high energy, high-quality direction the channels were taking, and new followers poured in. Pun intended.

To date, we’ve grown Rock N Roll Tequila’s social following by 2,000 fans per month every single month since our work began in 2019. We’re up to 68,000 followers as of writing, and we continue to manage the brand’s social channels (including content creation, scheduling, distribution, advertising, and customer service).

A growing contract: pouring kerosene on the fire

Our social media marketing success led to more opportunities. As a growing company with constantly shifting needs, Rock N Roll Tequila has found Something Great to be the perfect fit for pretty much all their promotional needs, acting as a full marketing arm on many occasions throughout our partnership.

They loved our content photography so much that we were commissioned to take all of their product photography for their website and point-of-sale displays, seen in liquor stores and restaurants across the USA.

We led PR campaigns that garnered national TV coverage on CNN, HLN, and Fox Sports, and managed all press releases, landing coverage in industry-leading publications like BevNet.

When it became time to expand their distribution in the DTC space, they knew we were the ones who would be able to do it best. Since 2021, we’ve run custom PPC campaigns for the brand selling liquor in 44 states across the USA, helping them sell thousands of bottles directly to their consumers.

The ROI: A 600% return on ad spend (ROAS)

Our e-commerce campaigns have included a unique marketing strategy featuring free gifts, giveaways and bundles, all while managing graphic design and media buying to help them maintain a 600% Return on Ad Spend—that’s double the industry average.

Since we partnered with Rock N Roll Tequila, almost everything at the company has changed for the better. They’ve expanded from four states to 32 plus the Caribbean, sold millions of dollars worth of bottles online and in-store, hosted events around the country, and continue to grow everywhere they go.

We’re proud to be part of the Rock N Roll family and play a part in their burgeoning success.

Oh, and before we go, one thing we’re maybe most proud of in regards to Rock N Roll Tequila.

We came up with their slogan:

Tastefully Rebellious

How awesome is that?

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