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A website designed for South Florida’s most established accounting firm

The call to adventure

GM Financial Group (GMFG) has been helping businesses and individuals prepare their taxes for decades. Small businesses, ours included, can learn more than a thing or two from their successes. One of those learnings comes from a willingness to change, which is what led GMFG into the offices of our Webflow Agency, Something Great Marketing in late 2023.

Their team is led by Michael L. Cove and Philip D. Felson, CPAs with nearly 80 years of combined experience between them. When we met with the GM Financial Group team, it was made clear to us that their current website had become too large, too bloated, and outdated. Here’s a glance at how the site looked when we first met.

Building a website to match GMFG’s quality of service

GMFG’s website simply did not reflect the incredible history, services, and people at the company. It needed a fresh digital presence. Unsure where to turn, we took a meting with GMFG to discuss their needs and the overall goals of a new website.

We learned that they wanted something clean and sharp visually. They wanted their clients to find the site very easy to navigate, and requested it link to a client login with a payment page.

We showed them some of our past work examples, got to know some of their design preferences, and laid out a timeline. After quoting out the project, we assured the GMFG team of our commitment to excellent communication throughout our projects, and showed them our industry-best hosting and maintenance fees.

Contract signed. It was time to get to work.

The web design and development process

The following day, the work began. We worked with Justin Cove at GMFG to gain access to the old website, and to speak to the hosting provider to make sure the transfer to the new site would run as smoothly as possible. We set up a staging environment in Webflow and began building GMFG 2.0.

Read more on why we use Webflow.

First, we selected a fresh combination of fonts, colors and images to be used on the site. We collected new photos to highlight GMFG’s professionalism, created new core pages to highlight their most popular services, and made some alterations to their old logo to make it match our new website design. We did the logo alterations free of charge, we always try to go above and beyond for our clients.

Next, we added fresh, clean buttons that existing clients can click to make a payment or login to their personal accounts, and transferred over some of the brand’s existing blog content.

SEO updates to help rank in South Florida

While we built the website, we implemented our search engine optimization (SEO) updates. We do this as we go, and review all of our work at the end of the build.

An updated sitemap, title tags, and meta descriptions were added along with a host of other technical updates to help with ranking in search engines in Boca Raton and South Florida in particular.

For us, designing a website isn’t enough. We make sure people can find it on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, too.

The feedback

The team at GMFG loved the website, but wanted just a little bit more movement on the page–nothing jarring or overwhelming, so we suggested a slight fade up effect as you scroll through the pages on the site. They ended up loving the end result.

If you push play on the video below, you’ll see as you scroll down, content slides up into view in a natural, pleasing way. It also slides up into view as the page loads.

We loved how this turned out. It was a simple, effective addition to the site.

Going live

GMFG loved the final version. We finalized the build, did quality assurance tests throughout the site, updated the DNS records and MX records so the team’s email addresses would continue working properly, and pushed the site live to the world. We’re proud to hand one of the best accounting firms in South Florida one of the best accounting websites in South Florida.

Start to finish we planned, built, and shipped this project live in roughly 3 weeks.

The results

Not only did Justin, Michael, and the team at GMFG love the website, their client’s have been giving some rave reviews. It’s much cleaner and easier to navigate than the previous website, and the client portal gives site visitors the ability to view documents and pay bills with ease.

It’s been a hit around our office, too. Since finalizing the project we’ve worked with other accountants everywhere from South Florida to Burnaby, Canada, helping redesign their websites and give them a leg up on the competition.

If you need an accountant in Boca Raton, be sure to give GM Financial Group a shot. They handle all of our US accounting here at Something Great, and we can’t recommend them enough.

Our sincere thanks to Michael, Philip, Justin, and Michael for trusting us with their web build.

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