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New seller’s guides for Cloverdale’s top real estate team

The call to adventure

Katronis Real Estate is the #1 real estate team in the Fraser Valley, which comes as no surprise to anyone who’s worked with them. They’ve been helping their clients on the homeseekers journey for over 40 years, selling over 4,000 homes in the Fraser Valley (and counting).

When we first spoke to Jonathan Katronis, we quickly learned about the team’s focus on client satisfaction. With over 200 five-star reviews on Google, it was clear that providing a great experience to buyers and sellers was something the team at Katronis Real Estate took very seriously.

To help sellers in the Fraser Valley, Jonathan was interested in adding to his brand’s content experience on the Katronis website. He was looking to create seller’s guides for the website that would demonstrate the value of working with the Katronis team, and also lay out the step by step process of selling your home in the Fraser Valley.

Challenge accepted.

Creating a rich content experience for site visitors

The Katronis website is built with MyRealPage, a website platform that comes with stock content and editable blocks in the backend. While the stock content isn’t necessarily poorly written, it is used by thousands of other websites, making it nearly impossible to rank in search engines unless you update your website with fresh content (Google penalizes duplicate content).

To overcome this challenge, we suggested re-writing the seller’s content on the Katronis website to be original and answer any selling questions that site visitors may have.

A brand anthem piece

First, we wrote a 1,100-word guide focused on what it’s like to work with Katronis. We noted the brand’s 40+ years of experience, 4,000 homes sold, and the professional expertise of the team–a characteristic that’s helped them become the #1 real estate team in Cloverdale based on Fraser Valley Medallion Sales.

We highlighted the major differences between working with the Katronis team and other brokerages, the values of the company, services offered, and created custom images showcasing some of their 200+ five-star reviews. The guide ends with a call to action to fill out a contact form and set an appointment with the team.

The ultimate seller’s guide

Next, we created a new piece of custom content that acts as a step-by-step guide to selling your home in the Fraser Valley.

This is a 1,200 word-guide that highlights the key steps in the selling process, specific to the area that the brand works in every day.

There are many seller’s guides from nationwide brands that act as broad lead-generation tools, but our focus was on providing answers for sellers in Langley, Cloverdale, Surrey, and White Rock. This is a long-tail search engine optimization play aiming to drive traffic from local home sellers in the Fraser Valley. It includes what to look for in a real estate advisor, preparing your home for sale, what to expect when you go to market, the closing process, and the next steps to take.

Redesigning the homepage

The final step was bringing it all together. The majority of the brand’s site visitors hit the homepage first, so we wanted to reorganize and redesign some of the key elements of the homepage to incorporate our new seller’s guides and drive more leads to Katronis Real Estate.

We added new buttons to the header and updated the background image with a fresh new design, updated the colours to match the brand guidelines, wrote new copy, and created new call to actions for sellers to visit our guides. We also updated the contact form and menu to optimize the site for conversions.

A better reflection of the top team in the Fraser Valley

The new site and guides are a much better digital reflection of the service and expertise you’ll receive when you work with the team at Katronis. The homepage has a more polished, clean look, with a focus on sellers that’s evident as soon as the page loads in your browser.

Working with Jonathan and the team at Katronis has been a wonderful experience for our team at Something Great. We love the end product, and we know the SEO benefits of the guides we’ve built will continue to pay off and bring in new leads for years to come.

Our sincere thanks to the team at Katronis for trusting us with their content needs. If you're a homeseeker or seller in the Fraser Valley, you know who to call.

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