Why We Use Webflow at Something Great

January 1, 2024

Justin Kerby

We’re platform agnostic in a lot of cases, and we know that there’s going to be a best fit for each of our clients when it comes to tech stacks. But the truth is, more and more of our clients are benefitting from Webflow, and as designers at heart, we’re pretty thrilled about that.

Why we use Webflow

Webflow allows us to fully customize your website from the ground up. We can design your site in Figma and provide you with a custom-tailored content management system (CMS) that’s going to help you hit all of your content goals.

It’s user friendly, flexible, and it allows us to flex our design chops to the fullest.  

Terminology breakdown: A CMS is software that helps you create, manage, and modify your website content without coding. You’ve probably heard of some of the big dogs in the industry: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, and Wix, to name a few.

A growing platform

WordPress may be the most dominant CMS in the world (by the way, we build WordPress websites, too), but it’s got major competition.

Over 200,000 businesses have chosen Webflow to power their websites, including companies like Dropbox, Grubhub, Vice, The New York Times and Discord.

Designing for mobile and desktop

We always design with both mobile and desktop in mind (and every size in between, for that matter). The responsiveness of your website is a top priority for us, and our finished products look just as good in your hand as they do on your desktop.

Webflow helps us make sure of that.

How long does it take to build a website with Webflow?

That’s kind of like asking how long it takes to build a boat. Are we talking a toy-paper boat, or Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas? The latter took 3 years, in case you’re wondering. However big the web build, our Vancouver Webflow Agency is up for the job.

Long story short, it depends on the features needed and overall size of the project. If it’s a straight-forward, less than 5-page website, we’ve built many projects in as little as two weeks - faster than that for single landing pages. Book a call with us to find out more.

Using Webflow after the website is built

When we complete a project, we give our clients a training session to show them how to use their shiny new website. We’ll answer all your questions and get you started with Webflow on the right foot. And if you need ongoing support, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Learn more about building your website with Webflow

We’ll talk you through the ins and outs and answer any questions you might have. Send us a message or book a call with us to learn more.

Written by

Justin Kerby

Justin is the founder of Something Great Marketing, leading our Vancouver marketing agency. He specializes in content strategy, website design, and branding.

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