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A content marketing strategy for Dolphin Delivery

Dolphin Delivery first entered the trucking scene in 1968. From one truck to a fleet of hundreds, it’s weathered every storm, every turn, and every logistics challenge thrown its way over the last 50+ years. Their content marketing strategy was sure to be no exception. At the helm of the company are brothers Mike and David Peter, who engaged Something Great to come up with a content strategy for the historic brand.

Before we began

During our initial meeting at Dolphin Delivery’s headquarters in Abbotsford, one thing became clear. First, some website updates were necessary.

While Something Great did not build Dolphin’s website, their web provider wasn’t responding to requests, so we jumped in to help make the necessary changes free of charge. Doing this in good faith gave us an opportunity to show that we’re true partners for local businesses in BC.

When you work with us, you work with a team that cares and shows up to work, just like you do.

The meeting

After making those critical updates, the real planning began. We presented Dolphin with a content strategy that we promised would help grow the company’s online presence, increase traffic to the website, and total estimate requests. To inform our strategy, we use tools including Ahrefs, SEMRush and SparkToro.

To start, we suggested a slow and steady approach to social media. Not all companies need to post daily on social, a trucking company is a great example of a business that can post weekly to stay top of mind without over posting, and saving important marketing dollars in the process. We want more people to be introduced to the brand, and for those doing research on Dolphin Delivery to see that their social accounts are thoughtfully and professionally run, just like the company itself.

Our services for Dolphin include custom photography and graphic design, weekly social media posts (on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X), defining our target audience, and using performance-based marketing to engage with that audience.

A huge bump in search engine traffic

For our content strategy, we laid out a search engine optimization (SEO) plan that included one blog per month. We write one well-researched article for the brand that focuses on the trucking industry per month, bringing in site visitors who would potentially hire Dolphin. In addition to creating content for Dolphin, we also execute a strategy to make sure that our clients are featured on large blogs and websites to generate backlinks and bring in more traffic. This is all great for SEO.

We think it’s important to pause here.

If you’re asking yourself:

“What kind of results can one blog post per month really generate?”

Prepare to be shocked. The results we’re about to show you are entirely organic, we’ve put ZERO dollars into paid traffic.

And keep in mind, this isn’t a travel brand or a lifestyle company. These are real results for a blog about trucking and logistics.

The results

The month before we started working with Dolphin, their entire website received 88 clicks from Google searches. Last month, the brand tallied 3,469 clicks from Google search.

That’s a 3,842% increase in traffic from Google searches.

All this from a well-researched and expertly executed content strategy.

With just one blog post per month.

We love working with this incredible local business. Schedule a meeting to get us working for you today.

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