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April 23, 2024


Justin Kerby

Mastering writing for SEO in Vancouver

Writing for SEO is important for all local businesses in Vancouver, whether you’re launching a new tech startup and need to steal headlines, running a small business and needing foot traffic, or managing the marketing budget at a medium or large-sized company that uses search traffic to drive new business.

Ranking in search: Keywords for SEO writing in Vancouver

Ranking for the products or services you sell is obvious. It’s also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your SEO strategy in Vancouver.

Building a long-tail keyword strategy is especially important for most businesses in Vancouver.

Specifically, you should, well, get specific.

Spend your time trying to rank for less obvious, longer-form keywords. Here’s an example scenario.

Example of a long-tail strategy for SEO writing in Vancouver

Let’s say you just opened a new liquor store in Vancouver. Your first instinct when you pickup and call a Vancouver SEO agency is to ask them to help you rank for “Liquor Store Vancouver”.

That’s a mistake. Here’s why, in simple terms.

As a solo, independent shop, you’ll never outrank BC Liquor. You’ll probably never outrank JAK’s, or Legacy, either. But it’s not all bad news.

What you can do is develop a long-tail Vancouver SEO strategy. Try ranking for longer, more specific terms. Think: “The best Vancouver-based whiskey brands” or “Top BCVQA red wines in 2024”.

If you follow proper SEO content writing techniques, you could write both of those tomorrow and start ranking relatively quickly. They obviously won’t bring in as much traffic as short-tail keywords, but you’ll be fighting a winning battle. And more good news here: If you begin to rank for many long-tail keywords, you’ll signal to Google that you might be more deserving of a little short-tail love.

This makes this a pretty darn great SEO strategy for Vancouver businesses of all sizes.

Pro-tip: If you need to find more long-tail keywords to rank for, try looking at Google’s “People also ask” section below your search query. You can get some great ideas here.

The going rate for SEO writing in Vancouver

Like with all professions, it depends. The rate you’ll pay at a mechanic on Imperial Street vs. the price you’ll pay at the dealership differs by a wide margin, to say the least. And the truth is, sometimes the service is better where you least expect it.

All we can do is tell you our rates for SEO writing in Vancouver. We work both on retainer and project rates, depending on the needs of our clients. Our monthly retainer fees begin at $2,500/month, while our project rates can be as low as $600 for an in-depth, SEO-friendly article. We specialize in local SEO writing in Vancouver, and would be happy to chat with you about our services. Book a call here.

Additional SEO tips for businesses in Vancouver

Don’t skip the directories when implementing your SEO strategy. Fill out profiles on relevant industry sites, especially websites that provide do-follow links or can bring you more business.

And, as much as you may be tired of hearing about Google, your Google My Business Page (GMB Page) is still extremely important–especially if you want local Vancouver SEO traffic. Claim your free ad credit on GMB and run a campaign (it’s typically between $200 and $500 when you set up your profile), fill out all of the details on your business, solicit reviews, respond to them all, and share you GMB Page with your happy customers to leave more reviews.

If you follow those steps, you’ll be well on your way to ranking in search. When you start showing up on search results pages, it feels like free, around-the-clock advertising. That’s the magic of local SEO strategies in Vancouver. It’s kind of like a game, and the rewards for winning are pretty spectacular.

Need help with SEO writing in Vancouver? Trust the team that ran REW’s content strategy. Contact us today.

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