The Most Popular Social Media Platforms in Canada

May 23, 2024

Justin Kerby

Only social media nerds will be able to name the most popular social media platforms in Canada in order. The good news for you, friend, is that we are those nerds.

Our Vancouver marketing agency has run social media services in Vancouver for some of the province’s top brands, including, Coast Spas, and Golf Kelowna. So, we know a thing or two when it comes to social media apps and the most used social media platforms in Canada.

Keep in mind that these numbers are high level–they don’t reflect age, gender, or any additional data points that are useful when conducting a social media campaign for your brand. Nevertheless, they provide a good starting point as to where Canadians are heading on their desktops and phones when they use social media networks.

These are the most popular social media platforms in Canada in 2024.

1. Facebook - 26 million users in Canada

We know what you’re thinking - whoa. That’s a lot of Canadians using Facebook, roughly 73% of the total population.

This surprises plenty of our clients, who often come to us and assume that Facebook is dead, long gone, and forgotten. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, it might not be the place that Generation Z hangs out for four hours a day, but its usage is still extremely significant. Yes, older generations love the platform, but people of all ages flock to Facebook for groups, to sell their furniture, share photo albums, join events, and yes…poking is even back.

It might not be trendy to use anymore, but if you’re looking to sell your product or service, Facebook ads are still extremely powerful for most brands–and we think sales are pretty damn trendy. Just ask our client Rock N Roll Tequila, who we’re helping sell tequila on Facebook for a 6x return on ad spend (ROAS).

Facebook’s thought through their lack of cool-ness, too. They went ahead and bought the third most popular social media platform in Canada to make sure they can still reach everyone. Skip to number 3 to see that platform.

2. LinkedIn - 23 million users in Canada

Back in 2019 when Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, it was unclear whether the company would remain independent or if we’d start seeing Clippy everywhere. Fortunately, LinkedIn retained its distinct brand and culture, along with its CEO, Jeff Weiner.

Today, Ryan Roslansky has had the top job at the company, helping drive the world’s largest network of professionals forward. Though expensive for advertisers, LinkedIn has developed one of the most powerful advertising platforms in social media, allowing advertisers to target unique audiences easily.

It’s also a great place to share thought leadership pieces, grow a newsletter, or share your services and products with potential buyers.

3. Instagram - 20 million users in Canada

Give us a follow if you're one of the 57% of Canadians who are using Instagram.

Instagram has grown steadily and significantly over the last decade. Originally named Burbn, it was created to become a mobile check-in app. Thankfully, the team at IG felt their offering was too similar to Foursquare's, and they pivoted to focus on photo-sharing. Instagram officially launched on iOS in October 2010, and they’ve never looked back.

Since selling to Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion, the social media platform has grown from 27 million users to 1.4 billion users worldwide today. To put it into perspective, we almost have as many Instagram users in Canada as the entire social network had back when they were purchased.

Instagram is used by Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers, making it a great place for most brands to run social media campaigns, whether for branding or advertising purposes.

Your audience is on Instagram.

4. TikTok - 15 million users in Canada

But watch out, Instagram. TikTok is hot on your tail.

The mobile-first, fast-paced, vertical video app is growing around the world, and Canadian social media users are no exception. Canadians who do use TikTok use it a lot, with average session times being reported as much higher than on other, similar social media platforms.

In May of 2024, US President Joe Biden signed legislation that would force the sale of TikTok, or risk banning the social media platform entirely. The company has until January to decide what to do, though initial reports suggest they’ll challenge the legislation.

It remains to be seen what approach Canada will take. There isn’t as much appetite for a widespread ban on TikTok in Canada, especially with many businesses and influencers relying on the popular social media platform daily.

We’re very curious to see where this all goes. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter for all the latest news and updates.

5. X (Twitter) - 14 million users in Canada

Image: The Verge

In the famous words of my 12-year-old self’s favourite rapper, Earl Simmons: X ‘gon give it to ya.

What exactly X is going to give you though, is up in the air.

Since Twitter was sold to Elon Musk, it’s gone through a ton of transformation. First, the name. In case you hadn’t heard, Twitter is now simply “X”. He brought in Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO, the former head of ad sales for NBCUniversal. He dropped the verification process and shipped a new paid service that includes the shiny blue checkmark, introduced an AI component called Grok (named after the supercomputer in Hitchhiker’s Guide), and scrapped one of the most recognizable logo marks in the world.

Speaking in generalities, X is still not our favourite social media network for brands–though for personal branding, and for leaders at companies looking to establish a voice online, it can be a great place to write along with LinkedIn.

6. Snapchat - 12 million users in Canada

That little ghost is still kicking.

Founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Snapchat still plays a large role in the Canadian social media landscape. And not just by inspiring other social media networks to copy its features (ahem, Instagram).

Snapchat has had a bumpy ride over the past decade, but the company is still going strong. It’s often named the top app of choice for Gen Z social media users, who seem to understand better than other generations that the internet is forever. Those photos you shared on Facebook back in 2012 could come back to haunt you, but not the Snap you sent.

7. Pinterest - 12 million users in Canada

Last but not least, old Pinterest. The social network is still a big draw in Canada, offering a corner of the internet where users can visually share and discover new interests by scrolling through creator’s boards, which often share a common theme.

Brands use the platform mostly by linking landing pages or websites to pins in order to draw traffic from the site, while users typically use Pinterest as a source of inspiration–whether it be cooking inspiration, travel inspiration, or fashion inspiration.

The most used Canadian social media platforms can help grow your brand

That’s a wrap on our list of the most popular social media platforms in Canada. Each of these platforms has use cases for Canadian companies, especially those looking for more brand exposure or direct sales volume.

We’ve helped clients from coast to coast establish social media content strategies from the ground up; if you’re looking for a Canadian marketing agency to help you grow on social, fill out our contact form, and let’s start something great.

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