The 50 Best Slogans of All Time

December 4, 2023

Justin Kerby

What makes a great slogan?

They’re simple, short, and sweet – but writing a great slogan is one of the most difficult things anyone in the advertising world can do. After all, you have to say a lot with a little.

A slogan should roll off your tongue while still being honest and direct. It should speak to your audience in a memorable tone. It needs to be made to stick, as Chip and Dan Heath would say.

Here’s a look at the 50 greatest slogans of all time. Some old, some new, all in a league of their own.

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A few fun facts about the top 50 slogans:

-FedEx and Nike both use the phrase “there is no” in slogans.

-The words “you” or “your” appear in 8 of the 50 slogans.

-Four of the slogans start with the word, “When”.

-The longest slogan on the list is 17 words (Patek Phillipe)

-Six companies on the list have slogans containing just two words (Apple, Coca-Cola, California Milk, IMAX, Stella Artois, and Subway)

-14 of the slogans repeat the same word at least once

-Two of the slogans are questions (Wendy’s, California Milk)

The 50 Best Slogans of All Time

1. Just do it. (Nike)

2. Think different. (Apple)

3. Choosy moms choose Jif. (Jif Peanut Butter)

4. A diamond is forever. (De Beers)

5. Got Milk? (California Milk)

6. Breakfast of champions. (Wheaties)

7. The few. The Proud. The Marines. (US Marine Corp)

8. When you care enough to send the very best. (Hallmark)

9. There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard. (Mastercard)

10. What happens here, stays here. (Las Vegas)

11. When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. (FedEx)

12. The world’s local bank. (HSBC)

13. Reassuringly expensive. (Stella Artois)

14. There is no finish line. (Nike)

15. Think outside the bun. (Taco Bell)

16. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. (Timex)

17. When the world zigs, zag. (BBH)

18. Impossible is nothing. (Adidas)

19. Beanz Meanz Heinz. (Heinz)

20. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. (Geico)

21. Open happiness. (Coca-Cola)

22. You deserve a break today. (McDonald’s)

23. Where’s the beef? (Wendy’s)

24. Mmm mmm good. (Campbell’s)

25. The best a man can get. (Gillette)

26. The best 4 x 4 x far (Land Rover)

27. Because I’m worth it. (L’oreal)

28. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand. (M&Ms)

29. You never actually own a Patek Phillipe, you merely take care of it for the next generation. (Patek Phillipe)

30. Shave time. Shave money. (Dollar Shave Club)

31. Tastes so good, cats ask for it by name. (Meow Mix)

32. Betcha can’t eat just one. (Lays)

33. All the news that’s fit to print. (New York Times)

34. I’d walk a mile for a Camel. (Camel)

35. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. (Maybelline)

36. Think big. (IMAX)

37. American by birth. Rebel by choice. (Harley Davidson)

38. The happiest place on earth. (Disneyland)

39. Eat fresh. (Subway)

40. Have it your way. (Burger King)

41. Finger lickin’ good. (KFC)

42. Red Bull gives you wings. (Red Bull)

43. When there is no tomorrow. (FedEx)

44. It keeps going and going and going. (Energizer)

45. Does exactly what it says on the tin. (Ronseal)

46. The ultimate driving machine. (BMW)

47. Expect more, pay less. (Target)

48. Netflix is a joke. (Netflix)

49. Democracy dies in darkness. (Washington Post)

50. The king of beers. (Budweiser)

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Justin Kerby

Justin is the founder of Something Great Marketing, leading our Vancouver marketing agency. He specializes in content strategy, website design, and branding.

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