IKEA’s Ad Campaign Promoting Sleep: Tomorrow Starts Tonight

November 1, 2023

Justin Kerby

We’re huge fans of IKEA’s advertising in general, and they’ve once again dropped some incredible ads worthy of our attention. Two weeks ago, we featured IKEA’s ad featuring a tortoise and a hare as the ad of the week in our weekly newsletter, The Ad Spot. Here’s a reminder of what that ad looked like.

IKEA Advertising Campaign: The Hare

Now, IKEA is building on that campaign. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have reported having sleep problems, so now is proving to be a great time for IKEA to promote some of their sleep-inducing products.

These three ads combine fantastic typography, copy, and design, and really grab your attention. The visuals were captured by photographer Amy Currell.

IKEA Advertising Campaign: Tomorrow Starts Tonight

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We loved everything about these ads. The comparison of their products (pillows, comforters, sheets) to fad products that promise energy or restorative effects is visually striking and captivating. Kudos to IKEA’s advertising team and Mother.

Brand: IKEA

Agency: Mother London

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