How Top Vancouver Real Estate Teams Build Backlinks for SEO

January 16, 2024

Justin Kerby

Before we begin unpacking Greater Vancouver real estate SEO strategies, a bit about our qualifications.

We’ve worked in all aspects of real estate marketing.

A decade ago we specialized in working directly with agents, while in recent years we’ve focused on helping teams at brokerages like Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX and Engel & Völkers (to name a few) create content that drives more buyers and sellers to their agents. We’ve also worked with some of the top real estate tech companies in the city, driving content strategy for REW (Real Estate Works) from 2020 to 2023. Top developers in the city also trust Something Great Marketing to help them devise plans to promote new construction and drive registrations.

Our focus on the real estate industry has given us unique insight into the world of real estate SEO strategies, here's a successful backlink acquisition strategy we’ve seen work for Vancouver real estate teams in a highly competitive market.

SEO strategies to get more backlinks for real estate teams

If you run a real estate team in Vancouver, we’re sure you’ve looked into SEO strategies. Gone are the days of purchasing backlinks and black hat schemes to get your website to rank higher in search. A new era of real estate SEO for teams has begun, one where quality content and local SEO strategies are the name of the game.

Partnerships to drive backlinks for real estate teams

Real estate leaders in Vancouver know all about the value of partnerships in the industry. Offline, they can create new business for all parties. Online, they do the same thing.

Your strategy for acquiring new backlinks should focus on building partnerships with the following groups, to start.

  • Local press
  • Local business and service providers
  • Community organizations
  • Real estate content creators
  • Online real estate platforms

Each of these will require it’s own unique strategy, let’s unpack them further and show you how top real estate teams generate backlinks and more search traffic.

Local businesses and service providers

Think home improvement stores, moving companies, and interior designers.

Many of these business owners will have their own content marketing team that’s likely hungry for partnerships with real estate teams. Meeting the heads of marketing at these companies can lead to content partnerships, where you can combine forces to create videos, blogs, and social content that drives a new audience to your digital platforms.

Collaboration that benefits all parties is huge when you’re thinking about content partnerships.

Community organizations and non-profits

Pitch topics to local organizations about ways you’re helping the community, and how others can get involved. Make a name for yourself by sponsoring local events and getting involved in the community, and duplicate those efforts in the online world.

Real estate content creators

There’s no shortage of real estate content creators in Vancouver. A few searches on YouTube will show you just how many collaboration opportunities are out there. Most creators have a blog, a podcast, a video channel, a website–or all of the above.

Start by reaching out to the content creators you interact with the most. Think about creators you know and love, and figure out ways to build a stronger relationship. See if you can guest host a video or co-host a podcast, offer insights for their next video or show, write a blog specifically for their audience. There are plenty of opportunities if you can build the right relationships with the right creators.

And by the way, you don’t have to focus only on real estate content creators. Home improvement and adjacent industries are great places to start, too.

Online real estate platforms

Portals and prop tech platforms are always looking for content, and you should be helping them fill that need. I've personally written over 100 articles for, so I understand the volume of content these portals are putting out.

Pitch the heads of content at these companies and see if you can get a column up and running on their company blog or in their newsletter. These platforms typically have immense traffic volumes, and a link pointing to your website from their blog can truly lift your presence in search engines.

Local press

A public relations strategy can help your SEO efforts immensely, each backlink acquired from a reputable source is only going to drive your presence in search higher. When you have news, pitch local outlets, and get to know the players at local publications. The goal is to get coverage for all of your marketing announcements and participation in the community.

Important notes on generating backlinks

1. Not all links are equal

If you’re not up to speed, be sure you know the difference between a do-follow and a no-follow link. It’s crucial.

2. Stay somewhat within your industry

A link from a home builders association or a real estate portal is going to be much more valuable to a real estate team than a link from the Michael Scott Paper Company.

3. Authoritative sources deliver more value

Trustworthy websites will do more for your SEO than non-trustworthy sources. Local news, educational institutions and media outlets often have high domain authority and local relevance.

4. A note on social media profiles

While social media links are typically nofollow, they are still valuable for traffic generation and increasing online visibility, indirectly supporting SEO efforts.

5. A SEO agency in Vancouver can help

Working with a Vancouver agency that specializes in local SEO and digital marketing can help speed things along. We can help your real estate team strategize and build valuable backlinks to get your site ranking quickly.

One last word of caution

When acquiring links, it’s important to focus on the quality and relevance of the link rather than just the quantity. Natural, organically acquired backlinks from reputable and relevant sources will be the most beneficial for your SEO efforts. Avoid any strategies that involve buying links or participating in link schemes, as these can lead to penalties from search engines.

Good luck growing your search traffic, if you'd like to set up a call to talk SEO and content strategy, we'd love to learn more about how we can help your team.

Written by

Justin Kerby

Justin is the founder of Something Great Marketing, leading our Vancouver marketing agency. He specializes in content strategy, website design, and branding.

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