How to Differentiate Your Real Estate Business

July 8, 2024

Justin Kerby

Let me show you how the top real estate professionals stand out, and separate themselves from the pack by leaning on what makes them different.

Having a differentiator fosters legitimacy. It helps your prospects understand why they should work with you.

As the old adage goes, differences sell, similarities do not. If done correctly through legitimate positioning and demonstrable results, differentiating yourself will lead to more sales.

Unfortunately, the majority of real estate agents and teams tend to lean on the exact same story: Their service sets them apart.

Now, just because 75% of all agents will tell you this is their differentiator doesn't mean that there aren't a few standouts in the crowd whose service really does set them apart, but in many cases, it's lip-service. Or a lack of thought put into positioning.

Having a true differentiator will grow your real estate business.

Still, there are plenty of reasons that real estate professionals fall-back on service as a crutch word.

  • People like to follow the crowd.
  • It doesn't ruffle any feathers (though it doesn't excite many prospects, either).
  • Quantifying your differentiator can be tricky, and bragging about your uniqueness isn't everyone's cup of tea.
  • Many agents are truly unsure about what makes them unique.

If this sounds like you, don't worry. I promise, without sounding too much like Tony Robbins here, that you are unique (you little snowflake, you).

As the former Director of Content at REW I've met and worked with hundreds of agents, each of whom had a story to tell and an area of expertise to share.

Here are a few differentiators I've compiled over the years that you can use to stand out.

Differentiator #1: Specializing in a specific niche or demographic.

Niche down to blow up, as they say.

This would work as a great differentiator for any agent who overwhelmingly serves a particular niche (like first-time home buyers, down-sizers, or new residents).

This agent should attend conferences on their niche, know the challenges of the demographic, and offer solutions to their unique problems.

Differentiator #2: Specializing in a particular kind of real estate.

Think new builds, agricultural and acreage real estate, or single-family detached homes.

Agents who know the ins and outs of a particular housing type will quickly be seen as the expert to turn towards.

Differentiator #3: Having a unique personality trait.

Maybe you were a teacher before you became a real estate agent, and you make educating your clients a core part of your service. Or perhaps you were a marketing professional in a previous life and your creative skillset is what sets you apart.

Turning your personal characteristics into a part of your offering is a great move.

Differentiator #4: Specializing in a specific geographic footprint.

The first inclination of real estate professionals is to go broad. It's not always the right move, however.

Demonstrating your knowledge at the neighbourhood level is what sells homeseekers and home sellers alike. If you were born and raised in a specific area and mainly operate in that area, this could be a good differentiator for you.

Differentiator #5: A unique process.

This is only a differentiator if your process is legitimately unique, so no stretching the truth here.

If your process for buyers or sellers is thoughtful and different, brag about it.

Differentiator #6: The thought leader.

Yes, many agents have won awards, so this might not be quite enough of a differentiator. But if you've been recognized in a uncommon and meaningful way, or are regularly interviewed on the local news, these can help separate you as a thought leader.

Demonstrate to dominate.

Each of these differentiators can help you stand out in a sea of agents and real estate teams. The real challenge to overcome is making sure that your differentiator is legitimate, high-value, and quantifiable.

If you can demonstrate each of those to your prospects, you can expect your inquiries and client-base to grow in the right direction.

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Written by

Justin Kerby

Justin is the founder of Something Great Marketing, leading our Vancouver marketing agency. He specializes in content strategy, website design, and branding.

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