New Greenpeace Ads Display Stunning Image, Demand Change

May 28, 2020

Justin Kerby

These Greenpeace ads make a not-so-subtle connection

Take a look through these four Greenpeace ads. They’re some of the best print ads we’ve seen in a long time.

Greenpeace, the International Organization advocating for green solutions to the world’s problems, wanted to encourage people to pledge their support and demand change.

The ads contain only a tiny bit of copy that reads:

“We can only change 2030 if we demand a change in 2020.”

The combination of excellent copywriting and fantastic design makes these really stand out. Take a look at all four ads, which were created with the help of Ogilvy Shanghai and design and craft studio Ars Thanea.

greenpeace print ads

The ad above, in particular, stands out to us as the best of the four. The color really transitions well, both with the surrounding ice and the smoke flowing into the melting ice flow.

greenpeace 2030 ads

climate change ads

The image with forest fire is another nice touch. Greenpeace is reminding us here that global warming is more than just melting polar ice caps, it also leads to other events like drought (pictured below) and fire.

print ads global warming

All in all, we think these are some of the best print ads we’ve seen in 2020. Designers should take note of the execution. Kudos to both Greenpeace and Ogilvy for creating the campaign. It’s a job well done.

If you’re interested, we have some examples below of other print campaigns we love. Some are funny, some serious, and all of them highly memorable. The Nestor ads stick with you.


Brand: Greenpeace

Agency: Ogilvy Shanghai

Written by

Justin Kerby

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