Great Port Coquitlam Marketing Spotted in the Tri-Cities

July 8, 2024


Justin Kerby

Let’s talk a Port Coquitlam Marketing win really quickly. Have you ever driven past a local business in Port Coquitlam and seen a line around the block? Have you ever wondered what kind of marketing, product, or service drove that kind of interest?

We study the best companies and their marketing in Port Coquitlam all the time (it’s our job).

But this isn’t an article about the business that has a lineup around the block. It’s an article about the business next door to that business, and how they capitalized on a ton of new foot traffic.

A booming business in Port Coquitlam

Crumbl Cookies has had a lineup around the block ever since they opened their first BC location on May 31 of this year. The Utah-founded company has already opened stores in Edmonton, Calgary, Mississauga, and Saskatoon, with each store drawing huge lines and serious interest from Canadians looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

The launch in Port Coquitlam was a major success. They’re open until 10pm Monday to Thursday and until midnight on Friday and Saturday–and yes–they’re busy right up until the clock strikes twelve.

But again, this isn’t a story about Crumbl’s marketing in Port Coquitlam. It’s about their neighbour, Orrange Kitchen.

The business next door

The Port Coquitlam marketing strategy we’ve fallen in love with came out of Orrange Kitchen, Crumbl’s neighbour. Orrange (spelled with two r’s) has had a full parking lot ever since May 31, with hundreds of people parking in the area to get a taste of Crumbl’s cookies.

So how did they handle this new surge of traffic?

They handed out tickets.

Via Orrange Kitchen + Bar

Surprise and delight: A Port Coquitlam marketing masterclass

The parking tickets look legit. They’re bright yellow, and they read “Parking Violation” in big letters at the top of the ticket. It’s what follows that has captivated visitors and marketers in Port Coquitlam.

“This vehicle has parked in a stall designated for Orrange Kitchen + Bar,” the ticket goes on. “Bring this violation into Orrange Kitchen + Bar and enjoy $5 off your next visit.”

The fine is actually a coupon, encouraging those visiting Crumbl to stop by for a drink at Orrange.

Turning a minor setback into a win

Orrange had a few options when their parking lot was filled with cookie customers. Get upset and call the city, or develop a Port Coquitlam marketing plan that would bring some of those customers through their own doors.

They chose the latter, and it’s been a big win for the company.

Port Coquitlam marketing inspiration

The next time you’re faced with a business decision, think about Orrange.

Your next great marketing campaign might come from the place you least expect it.

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